Spring – time of awakening

from March to May-mid June

In this flowering and floral time, nature unfolds on the island Ibiza, with an amazing vitality!

This noticeable joie de vivre enchants landscape, fauna, ocean and awakens the vitality in each and everything.

A time that gives the garden of the Hacienda, with its many flowers, palms, plants and fruit trees, an extraordinary beauty and grace.

An ideal time to get to know the other side of Ibiza and recommended for activities such as hiking, cycling, horse riding, walks, etc .; because the temperatures are not that high yet.

On the Hacienda Encanto del Rio an ideal time for planned retreats.

Summer - Time of Vibrancy

Mid-June to mid-September

The warmth of the sun and hot days attract visitors to the island, to the beaches or pools for cooling off and swimming.

The numerous small beaches in the northeastern part of the island invite you to swim and play, to sunbathe and relax.

At the larger beaches in the areas of Santa Eulalia - Ibiza - San Antonio, life pulses with activities and liveliness of all kinds.

The days and nights can be long here, and the range of attractions such as sights, markets, concerts, live music, restaurants, bars, clubs, etc., is extremely diverse. The possibilities and variety on the island are unique!

The Hacienda is located away from the major cities; the large estate with a few limited residential units is a retreat oasis, where you can find peace away from the hustle and bustle of the island.

Autumn - Time of Clarity

Mid-September to November-December

The hot days and warm nights gradually recede.

The clarity and purity of the light on the island at this time is magical.

Every day, the sunrises and sunsets are a natural spectacle; mysterious, unequal, and impressive!

The starry nights and the moonlight make the sky appear as close as it can be on an island, as it is surrounded only by the sea! (Activities like in spring).

At the Hacienda, you can experience the sunrise right at your doorstep, or at the sandy bay of Aguas Blancas; a 10-minute walk from the Hacienda. (Location: Northeast)

Winter - Time of Silence and the Locals

December to February

In November, the island is suddenly emptied of foreign guests, and then the locals are among themselves again.

The power of the sun is strong on the island even in winter, and on sunny days, you can simply enjoy or have a meal outdoors on a terrace or in a restaurant at a sandy cove.